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The third starbucks form Wenzhou are located in Yintai store
Source:  Hits:1670  Date:2013-6-4

Interdiction: The third starbucks form Wenzhou are located in Yintai store 

The third starbucks are going to located in Wenzhou. Yesterday, starbucks are choosing to locate in Wenzhou yin tai store and open their third store there and expected to open in July. The specific time need to be determined.

In recent, starbucks are already to open store in Shi dai square and Long wan wanda plaza. The Wen zhou yi tai store are located in the first floor. Now, the yi tai starbucks are going to decoreate. To starbucks, there is a great potential consumer market in Wenzhou.

To remember the past two year, there have no starbucks in Wen zhou, people think this city are out date. Now, starbucks are going to open the thirds store. The biggest caffe brand COSTA is going to entry into the Cai fu plaza in this year.

Now, towards the Wen zhou shopping center, coffee shop also is the symbol of power. According to people, COASTA are willing to expand their business and negotiation with other store. 

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