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“The top ten tea in Qindao” the campaign results are coming
Source:  Hits:1302  Date:2013-5-31

The 2013 Qindao tea industry campaign are end in recently. Yesterday, there held a ceremony in Hailin heights and give the selection to the top ten tea in Qindao include the No.1 wanglichangjiang, Donghailongxu, Longwu, Qindaoyinhao, Shuangchunya, Guipingyujian, Juexuexunmei, Bingyunlongya, Teijuexuanquan, Yuntougulaoye tea.

This activity is organized by Qindao agriculture commission, the municipal, forestry, bureau, city pledges. Learned that, our tea industry is explored to 110,000 mus and garden tea industry is 5000 tons become a famous tea brand. The advantage of the high latitudes and near the mountains let the Qindao tea are full of taste aroma, good quality and become the represent of the tea in the north. 

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