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Apple’s the 20th retail store opened in Australia
Source:  Hits:1384  Date:2013-5-30

Introduction: apple’s 20th retail store opened in Australia

The Adelaide in Australia apple retail store is opened at local time ten o’clock in Canberra. As the 20th apple retail store in Australia, also is the first apple retail store in the south of Australia, the Adelaide are popular in the Adelaide. According to the local report, at the beginning of Adelaide open, at least 30 apple fans are waiting from night till morning. The first people line up at 8:30 pm.

Somebody might say 30 apple fans are not really much, but don not forget the time is late at night. Before the opening, there are nearly thousands of people are line up outside the Adelaide store.

Below are the American famous chain restaurants Subway are provide the free food for apple fans in line.

At the local time 10 o’clock, Adelaide store open. Usually, apple staffs will have interacted with customers who are on the queue and drive the atmosphere. Apple staffs stand in two rows and welcome the apple fans, also give the commemorative shirt for the first 1000 customers. The liveliest time is the opening time, staffs are cheer with customer.

Before the few minute open, retail stores are poured more than 300 customers, still lots of customer are waiting outside.

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