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Gome going to open 400 an accessories shop in last half year
Source:  Hits:1465  Date:2013-5-28

Yesterday, Beijin customer Mr. Liu is shopping in Mardian’s Gome, he realizes that merchants set up an electrical accessories shop in there. Earn business about headset, mouse, keyboard, mobile, power, mobile, phone, tablet, computer, shell and more than hundreds appliance accessories. “Those accessories looks have a good quality, 10% off and very cheaper, I buy a phone case” said Mr. Liu.  In the future, Gome going to open 400 an accessories shop in last half year. Gome present that the main reason is the accessories market is too chaotic and the fake too much and not good for consumer’s health. There have six metal material in the consumer electronics and hurt for body when metal material through skin entry into body and brain.

Gome build up the accessories company in January in this year, focus on manage the accessories product. Attend the RoHS, Gome set up the safety testing. Information from home appliance consumption know that, recently the accessories are reach to thousands include the TV, air conditioners, mobile, phone, impression,

RoHS is from European Union in June, 2006 began to restrict the hurtful material in consumer electronics category. Control the cadmium, mercury, substance and so on in the product. 

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