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Wuhan: “there must have tieguanyin in tea shop”
Source:  Hits:1447  Date:2013-5-24

“Twenty years ago, Wuhan people have less understood to tieguanyin tea, they don not knows how to drink and the sale volume is small. But now, more and more wuhan people know how to taste the tieguanyin and the sale volume are higher and higher. Recently, the anxi tieguanyin tea association Mr. Weng in the wuhan han kou tea market said people are surprise that the tieguanyin are popular in daily life.

Not only in wuhan, tieguanyin have lots fans from all over the world. In recent year, anxi tieguanyin with the help of government, improve it’s develop. “anxi tieguanyin, the wonderful China travel” this is a ecological publicity trip, culture communication trip, brand promotional trip and market expansion trip.

On the 19th morning, wuhan han kou tea market are really lively. 2013 spring the anxi tieguanyin tea king competitioer“anxi tieguanyin, the wonderful China travel” attract many people. In scene, audience are listen explain, watch, taste the tea and feel the charming of anxi tieguanyin. Hubei is the biggest tea develop place in our country. Wuhan tea market is the professional market in south region. The anxi tieguanyin entry into wuhan market are already have twenty years history. Now, tieguanyin are popular in wuhan tea store, also become the better gift for people. It’s sale volume are accounted for forty percent of tea market in wuhan. Wuhan is already become the mature sale place for sale tieguanyin.

King contest, seminar, forum and so on are the different kinds of the promotion methods to tieguanyin. At the same time, it has an effect of the forms to control the dynamic. According to the introduction to the activity, government and company can have well understood to the tea market’s operation and tendency. Face to the market and consumers, collect the first information and understand the demand form consumer and control the market’s grasp. Giving the idea to promote the tea market and enhance government to provide service power for the tea industry.

With promote to the activity, we can foresee the future and realize the where have tea shop where have tieguanyin. 

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