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Last week, the Brazilian raw hides and wet blue price are stable
Source:  Hits:1366  Date:2013-5-24

In the last week, the Brazilian raw hides and wet blue price are stable. The sale volume are decrease, the main reason is the tannery are all sold out in May. It is unnecessary to decrease the price for improve the sale volume.

Most of the observers are expecting that price would not change in a short time; part of the reason is the real exchange rate is keep around 2.00. The mutual consensus is the price would not change at last till the end of this month. Some people discuss if European stop to purchase because the summer holiday, how would be the effect on the market.

The price of the wet blue, semi-finished are stable, the wet blue price are between $1.60 and $1.62. There are lots of stresses on the semi-finished and finished, but buyers have a higher resistance, only can accept the 3%-4% higher. 

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