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The Asia fur sales volume increase 44% in the biggest market during ten year
Source:  Hits:1281  Date:2013-5-20

Recently, the International fur association released a retail sale data about the global fur industry. The data shows, the total global fur retail sale volume is $15.6 billion in 2012, rose to more than $500 million. However, the figure was $10.9 billion is increase 44% than past ten year in the fur industry. The reason for the faster increase is the demand form Asia market to the fur industry and higher 5% than last year. The total sale volume reaches $5.6 billion. In the past ten year, the sale volume is increase 3 times and more than the European market.

The regional sales statistical data in 2012 are below: the Asian sale volume is $5.6 billion, occupy the global sale is 35%.The European sales are $4.4 billion; occupy 28% to the global sale volume. The Eurasian region (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) sale volume is $4.3 billion, occupy 27.5% to the global sales. The North America and South American sale volume is $1.2 billion; occupy 7% to the global sale volume.

CEO Mr Mark form International association said, because of the designers and consumers have new passion to the fur luxury clothing, the fur is revived again in the traditional market. In additional, the Asia new development market, more and more consumers are pay attention on fur.

According to statistics, there are 400 well-known designers from all over the world in 2013, for example, London, Paris, New York are all adopt the fur as the elements. The new technology and production process not only to use in autumn/winter fashion, but also use in spring and summer fashion. The fur materials and other materials mix together and make them more widely, such as leather and commonality and so on.

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