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The domestic Hanshen department store project is in the evaluation phase
Source:  Hits:1499  Date:2013-5-16

After the China Taiwan district far eastern group announced, they are unified the Pacific department as the “far eastern department store”. The other side of the mian department store, commercial estate, Taiwan Guo Yang group launched a series of plan. Yesterday, Beijing commercial reporter knows that Taiwan Guo Yang group is going to push the Hanshen group into the domestic market.

The people from Hanshen department store told us, this commercial project are in the evaluation stage at present, but the specific plan need to follow the headquarters. The founder Mr Hou from Guo Yang group said that their group is already does the research in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian, Qindao and so on. Actually, Guo Yang Group takes an action to their favor city. In Shanghai gu bei 5-2 plot in the bidding, Guo Yang Group have take part in it. At the same time, Hanshen department store have posted their job recruitment in Shanghai job online.

Data show that Hanshen department store is one of the four big businesses in the Taiwan Guo yang group have 17 years experience in retail department store. As well as, the highest in Gaoxiong city, hanshen department store and Guo yang group have 11 big scale department stores and the whole shopping centers share up to 50% of overall performance.

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