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China light textile city: summer pure cotton order enthusiastically
Source:  Hits:1297  Date:2013-5-16

Recently, many kinds of sample are increased in China light textile pure cotton market.  Summer clothes include woven pants, beach pants, children’s clothing and so on. Conventional pure cotton has interacted with unconventional pure cotton. Some trading are appear and the turnover are increased. Lots of new fabric is traded by many clothing factory.

Some summers women’s clothes are major come with pure cotton printing are small increased. Some good quality pure cotton printing is still in the market and the order delivery form part scale business is increase. Some printing processing enterprises, the front shop and back factory type Channgzhou Company’s latest research and development of creative pattern fabric counterpart merchants order more enthusiastically; summer counterpart merchants bulk subscription increased with fabrics, clinch a deal than previous drive.

In the recent market, the advantage of pure cotton cloth market is clearly. The order of 45 * 45 s, 50 s * s to 50 s, 45 s x 50 s summer cartoon printing pure cotton are increase. Moreover, the order of creative printing, white bottom color cartoon printing, Songhua yellow cartoon printing, light yellow cartoon printing and lake blue cartoon printing fabric are major. Pure cotton dress pure cotton yarn 20 s - 120 s / 2 varieties are rich and colorful and counterpart merchants favored.

For these days, the thin cotton fabric is strength in the market. Depend on the summer women’s are major and the stock are increase. Different kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises are active and interact are decrease and the sale are improved.

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