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Zhongxin bank hohhoot branch of Xin hua xi street branch of citic realize the new breakthrough in retail business.
Source:  Hits:1524  Date:2013-5-6


In order to adapt the sale transformation tendency, hohhoot branch of Xin hua xi street branch of citic develop different kinds of retailing business, also improve their short board business. In the April 2013, with staffs’ hard working, successful to provide the personal loan of 800,000 yuan, realize the new breakthrough and sign the Xin hua xi street branch of citic in the construction retail sale entry into a new area.

In the 2013, as the member from the headquarters and “new fulcrum” project, Xin hua Xi Street branch of citic follow and feel a high responsibility. How to increase the branch capacity, improve the high profit become the urgency problems. Hence, with the support for branch of the retail department and personal loan center, sub- branch focus on the market of personal loan business. At the same time, improve the business skills training. According to the actual situation and product characteristic, setting the complete marketing plan. At the same time, in order to ensure the faster develop for the sake of annual branch GeDai business. Line leader prepare the customers’ service and set up the customers’ acquisition channels. Large collect Hohhot district or message for pre-build and make the base for future business.

Recently, xin hua xi street branch of citic loan business are breakthrough. GeDai center branch provide the support and cooperate. It is important that have certain proficiency, no matter collect customer or products matching.

With the first personal loans issued, the influence of customers is increase. Customer mangers are follow customer needs, pay more attention on referral work actively become the base for future business. At the same time, improve the follow for customer and increase the business. In the future, xin hua xi street branch of citic should work hard and fully develop the advantages for products.

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