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29th Chengdu clothing exhibition opened men’s clothing discount
Source:  Hits:1301  Date:2013-4-27

Reporter said the opening held on the 29th April contain Leidiboer, Oudu, Dian, Jiumeiwang and so on, nearly 40 kinds of famous men’s clothing will exhibit in the exhibition center. Most of the men’s clothing have discount and cheaper that women’s clothing. Such as, the discount of Leichi is nearly 1 %.

Sponsor from this exhibition consider, from people’s experience, there are less discount in men’s clothing. This exhibition is going to change this additional and provide more benefit for men. The men’s clothing in exhibition is the action for the men’s season sale. According to the exhibitors, Jinlilai up to 2% off, Leichi up to 1%, Luomeng 3% to 5%, Mengzhe 1% to 2.5%, Fuguiniao 3% to 5%, V.S. up to 3%. Therefore, people can enjoy an amazing low price there.

Several brands merchants said that thus discount is unprecedented, hope this activity can set up their better image. Moreover, they hope through the direct marketing acquire more customers.

“Lower price to buy the famous brand is the meaning of this exhibition”. The direct selling can reduced the brand sales of the intermediate links and reduce the cost like rent, façade, hence, reduce the cost of enterprise.

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