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“2013 people’s drinking tea day” holds in Quan zhou
Source:  Hits:1251  Date:2013-4-27

Quan zhou is the hometown for oolong tea, it is a nice season for fresh tea. On the 20th April, “2013 people’s drinking tea day” holds in Quan zhou.

Although the spring rain, people can not blocked to join the “national tea day”. Also, attract many parents and their children. Merchants provide green tea for passengers; people can enjoy the dancing and singing while tasting tieguanyin tea. In the scene, conduct the interactive link and distribute the tea knowledge papers. Let people know “know tea, taste tea, love tea”. Miss Zhang told report that, this activity is meaningful, Anxi tieguanyin is the pride of Quanzhou. She wants to take her son to participate in this activity and feel the charm of tea culture.

The Quanzhou tea culture research association Herongrong represents that, tea is good for health, edify sentiment, improve people’s living quality. The “national tea day” holds in Quanzhou, advocating healthy to drink tea and the sign for the new understanding of tea and the new development. Moreover, the tea consumption of tea are expanded, promote a good development of tea industry.

The “national tea day" would hold between the “grain rain season”. The pure public welfare activity is hold by Chinese tea learn. Till now, many cities take part in this activity. Until 2013, the activity has held three times, government cooperate with folk force, Fujian province, Quanzhou tea culture research association, Anxi tea industry management committee, institute of agriculture bureau in Quanzhou, Quanzhou tea etc.

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