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24 fur brand cooperate with Ming Mountain International Fur City
Source:  Hits:1370  Date:2013-4-24

Recently, Ming Mountain International Fur City signing meeting hold in Luobei county Ming Mountain travel district. There are 24 fur brands come from Jie Jiang province signing with developers from Ming Mountain International fur city. At the same time, the Ming Mountain International fur city where located in Luobei county nearly 5 million square meters will open on 18th August.   

Ming Mountain International Fur City located in Luobei county Ming Mountain travel district. The whole structure area is five million square meter and contain leather clothing, fur clothing, and leather suitcase gloves, leather footwear and so on. This one stop large-scale commercial real estate project focus on shopping, travel, leisure, entertainment, culture, restaurant, living, hotel, transport and electron commercial. Reporters said that the signing meeting is excitement, except 24 merchants, the local residents have interest in this investment. They are gathering into fur city planning and research it’s developing. Nowadays, Ming Mountain International Fur City successful to canvass the business, Armani, Chanel, Apple, snow leopard, Valentino and so on is stationed.

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