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Ha Xi Wan Da Plaza launches entry the Yonghu and Suning
Source:  Hits:1733  Date:2013-4-22

On the 18th April afternoon, Ha Xi Wan Da Plaza launches a canvass business order and business meeting in Wan Da Sofitel Hotel.

 Ha Xi Wan Da Plaza located in Ha Xi Da Street, Zhong Xing Road, Xi Ning Nan Road and South Xing Street four main line, nearly 300 meter far from Harbin. Ha Xi Wan Da Plaza is 86 million square meter and business area is 21 million square meter. This large scale shopping center include KTV, International cinema, five star hotel and indoor business street, SOHO apartment is the largest scale urban complex. Moreover, there have eight theme main shops which are Wan Da Store, Wan Da Cinema, KTV, Happy Place, Yong Hu Supermarket, Suning and Grandma Ju restaurant. Also, there are nearly 300 international famous brands canvass business orders. Such as, H&M、ZARA、CKJeans, Starbucks. In the future, Ha Xi Wan Da Plaza will go to satisfy customers and improve their living standard.

CBD spotlight
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