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Carrefour enter into Da Xie Group sign agriculture docking arrangement
Source:  Hits:1667  Date:2013-4-16

In order to improve the plant’s income, Da Xie Group invited the professional cooperation entry into the Carrefour supermarket and realizes vegetable docking with the big scale supermarket. In the 8th April, Zhang Tian Min manager who are from Shang Hai Carrefour investigate the local garlic, onion, chili edible fungi and the production situation of greenhouse vegetable. Give a high evaluate for pollution free agriculture product and sign a agriculture vegetable supply arrangement.

In order to figure out the difficult for market and plant, Da Xie Group promote the pollution free agriculture supply scale. Da Xie Group leading the big scale chain supermarket docking with farmer professional cooperation. At the same time, increase the power to product quality test and regulation. Recently, town are sign nearly 13000 ton in “agriculture docking” arrangement.

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