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Chong qing new century sign on Dong yuan D7 area’s
Source:  Hits:1592  Date:2013-4-12

After Qian shou long hu, the new century department store cooperates with local famous commercial estates. The cooperation target is the east building of the property. Reporters said that the new century already sign on Dong yuan D7 area’s, willing to set up a largest department store. As such, the products provided by Dong yuan D7 areas are favored by many customers. Now, only 100 quotas in VIP.


It’s known, the department store is 31, 000 squares similar with the Guan ying qiao century new capital. This department store contains the boutique supermarkets and delicate department stores. As the major shopping mall in Bei jian xin circle, the new century department store Dong yuan D7 areas held their business in next half year. At the same time, the shopping centre in the Dong yuan named Dong yuan new PARK will come out. Hence, the Bei jian xin business circle is completed. Reporters have understanding form Dong yuan centre, some customers get the information that the new century department stores will open and provide the commercial product--- 42 -74 square meter. An investor said that only need to pay 2 billion and it was really cheaper. The new century is a largest improves power to the commercial estate. According to the sale center, it is already have 9 floors booking by customers and group purchase VIP card only have 100 quotas.

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