Over five million Yuan real estate development project investment in Hainan has 700 now
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Hainan real estate development market will still have great potential to go up, however, the real situation is not known until it happened. Hainan statistics bureau recently data shows: to the end of September, the investment over 5 million Yuan of real estate development projects in construction is just 700, increased 24 than last year of the same period. These projects has accumulated 62.191 billion Yuan investment in nine months, increased 33.8% than last year. These data showed that Hainan real estate project development is still very popular.


In addition, to the end of September, the transfer of state-owned land use right total income has reached 14.111 billion Yuan increased 2.0% than last year. And it still has ascendant trend. Now the whole province’s real estate development market still has energy to rise.  


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