The Swedish government budget plans will increase the real estate market supply
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The Swedish government released its autumn budget plans on 4th, which will increase the real estate market supply and promote the real estate market development better.


Press communiqué said, the government plans to shorten the examination and approval time of the application for building, and expand the relevant provisions for the student's dormitory building construction, and reduce construction company expense burden and help them to achieve the eu's requirements. In addition, the government will also adjusting part of the housing tax policy, especially lower apartment housing purchase tax.


In addition, in order to increase the supply of real estate market, the government will be issued a series of measures, including encouraging house owner rent idle houses, improve the utilization rate of rooms, especially in the several big cities which real estate market demand exceeds supply.


Swedish administrative and housing minister Stephaney arter method said:” now the Swedish houses supply common several, so we must take measures, and make full use of existing resources to let asks party and the rights and interests of the lassors get better security through the further perfect and clearly relevant legal regulation.


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