The golden eye: China shopping center development dimension is the the world's No.1
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The latest report from cb Richard Ellis, the shopping centers were fast developed all over the world, as well as the continue grows of the middle class and retailers team. This makes the shopping center develop to unprecedented levels especially in Asia.


Cb Richard Ellis group has been finished the current construction projects in 2011, in the same time it also made an investigation to 180 major cities’ shopping center development level. Research found that shopping center development have reached significant level. The globle shopping center under construction scale is up to 29.6 million square meters (equivalent to France, Britain and Germany existing shopping center scale combined).


China, Turkey and emerging markets such as India is more active than mature Western Europe and north American market. Among them, the China shopping center construction scale is world’s no.1. In the investigation and analysis of the 180 cities, half of the construction shopping center is located in China's.


"China's shopping center under construction is the largest in the world. Especially in big cities, the expansion opportunities is pretty good. Driven by this trend, China will continue to build more shopping centers and become one of the world's best place of business areas." Cb Richard Ellis group Asia business service executive director ShiBaiSong (SebastianSkiff)  made this comments.




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