Guangzhou office market investigation: it may fall from the summit
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Over the past three years, guangzhou most profitable property is office buildings, which is far more profitabale than residential and commercial property. The average office price increased 10000 yuan/square metre in the past three years.


The following reasons are for the popular of the office market: first, the property market regulation make the part of the investment funds turned to office buildings from residential; second, Guangzhou CBD pearl river new town entered into the mature period, which drive the rent and price of high-end grade a office ascend; third, "Three old" change policy drive a lot of office buildings to be built.


But the future office projects face huge challenges: (1) guangdong economy went into the transition period, which slow down the market progress. 2) great amount of grade a office go into the market, which made the supply is much more than need. Even in 2011, only 940000 square meters office was sold. A lot of the proposed projects under construction are hard to sold, which are forced to turn to long-term rental business. 3) in the next few years, the government land supply will focus on office buildings and commercial plots. Guangzhou "three old" reform will also be tossing out a lot of office property.


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