Costa coffee increased 70 new shops in the first quarter, 22 in china and 35 in overseas
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According to the media report, British hotel catering group Whitebread said on Tuesday, the company currently not plan to split Costa coffee, even though Costa coffee chain performance good.


To May 31, Costa coffee sales rose 25% year-on-year in thirteen weeks, among them, UK market increased 8.4% year-on-year, the total sales rose 26%.


In the first quarter, Costa opened 35 new chain stores in Britain, 22 in china and 35 in overseas. Costa plan to increase 350 chain stores in this fiscal year all over the world.


Whitebread plan to further expansion Costa stores to 3500 stores, and sales 1.3 billion pounds in 2016. According to the news, its sales 819 million pounds, with 2200 home stores in 2012.


Costa chain excellent performance attract much suspecious, one opinion sais, Whitebread will split Costa. To this opinion, Whitebread chief executive Andy harrison said, Costa is indispensable to the company business, so the company will put a lot sources to develop Costa.


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