Wangfujing department company plan to invest 100 million yuan to build a shopping website, and make it to list at the end of the year
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Wangfujing department company said yesterday, it will invest 100 million yuan to build large comprehensive shopping website and make it to list at the end of the year.


Yesterday, wangfujing department company held 2012 investment promotion meeting. President liu bing introduced, the large-scale shopping site is plan to face young fashion shopping group. The company will make their best to make it. Now, the site is busy opening preparation and investment procurement, and it can be operate at the end of the year.


Wangfujing department company President ZhengWanHe said, electronic commerce is new format business, but it has tremendous potential market. “it has growth power, and lack of rational,” he said, wangfujing department would not war at price.


Wangfujing department shows, “ the company will cost 100 million yuan to build this large comprehensive shopping website, which collected many international famous brands to face young fashion shopping group, and make the resource integration in three to five years.” By then, the company will achieve the offline business online communication interaction.


100 million yuan investment scale is only a small number in the electrical contractor field. ZhengWanHe said, “burn money in the short-term is ok, but the company can’t last long.” In preparing for online mall, wangfujing department should follow the market tight and be bery cautious.


China commercial association data showed that, in 2011, the annual online shopping transaction is 773.56 billion yuan, increased 67.8% than 2010. It accounts 4.3% in total retail sales.


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